We Breathe

The  Network directs We Breathe, the Statewide Coordinating Center to reduce LGBTQ tobacco-related disparities. 

The LGBTQ Statewide Coordinating Center provides expertise on working with LGBTQ communities, preventing and reducing tobacco use among LGBTQ Californians, and addressing tobacco-related health disparities within LGBTQ communities, to help funded projects reach their goal to eliminate tobacco use by 2035 in California.


  • FACILITATING CONNECTIONS: Connect CTCP-funded projects with other LGBTQ stakeholders


  • CREATING MATERIALS: Create LGBTQ-specific educational materials for events, social media, presentations, and news articles


  • DISTRICT DAYS: Support local district days and legislative visits


  • POLICY PLATFORM: Identify policy and system change strategies and priorities for preventing and reducing tobacco use among LGBTQ Californians


Fighting Flavored Tobacco: A best practice guide for developing local policy campaigns to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products in California. Read More.