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Newsletter Archive

June 2022 Newsletter

Happy Pride Month!

As we enter Pride season with fewer restrictions in place, there are still things we can do to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe. You can follow the state’s SMARTER Framework: Get tested, wear a mask, maximize ventilation at events, and keep up with vaccine, booster, and treatment options.

April/May 2022 Newsletter

Support SB 923 and improve the health and safety of TGNC Californians

Thank you to everyone who has shown your support for SB 923, our bill to expand access to affirming health care for TGNC Californians. Whether you’ve signed on as a co-sponsor, called into the Senate Health Committee, submitted a letter of support, or shared our toolkit with your networks - we are so grateful for your support.

March 2022 Newsletter

Launching our search for the next Network Director

This week, we are launching our search for the next Network Director. This person will have a chance to work with an established team, a wonderfully supportive Steering Committee, and with two long-running campaigns. The new Director will also have a chance to set the agenda for the coming years and take the Network to new and exciting places.

January/February 2022 Newsletter

Join us for our monthly Network call this month!

It's been nearly two years since California first declared COVID-19 a public health emergency. As we learn to navigate another surge, we are also preparing for the next phase and the Governor's SMARTER Plan.

ACEs Aware Launch 2021

We're #OutAboutACEs, Are You?

The future of LGBTQ+ healthcare is community care. From perinatal to specialists, all providers can use trauma-informed care to help heal the LGBTQ+ community. You can implement trauma-informed care into your own practice by taking a free, two-hour Becoming ACEs Aware in California Training.

December 2021 Newsletter

Sneak Peak of our #OutAboutACEs Campaign

To help promote better healthcare for our community, the California LGBTQ+ Health and Human Services Network and Cal Voices is running a six-month long awareness campaign starting in December 2021. As LGBTQ+ community leaders across California, you are the key to advocating for our community by joining in on the campaign. Please keep a look out for our social media toolkit and other ways to spread the word about ACEs Aware.

We Breathe Webinar

LGBTQ Cessation: The Power of Collaboration

Join We Breathe: Supporting LGBTQ Tobacco-Free Communities and their partners in learning how powerful collaborations with statewide technical assistance providers, regional projects, research institutions and local lead agencies have addressed the lack of access to LGBTQ Tobacco cessation programs in conservative areas and across the state.

November 2021 Newsletter

Access to Care for Trans Youth

Access to gender-affirming care is a matter of life and death for trans* youth. Puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy have been used for decades to safely treat gender dysphoria in youth, and have been shown to greatly improve the mental health and wellbeing of these youth.

Sept 2021 Newsletter

VOTE like your health depends on it!

The stakes of this election are incredibly high. The lines that have been drawn by both sides, asking us to decide what the future of California will look like. Will our state continue to welcome immigrants? Will we continue to teach about LGBTQ history in our schools? Will our students have access to comprehensive sex education? Will we listen to public health experts about how to safely navigate this pandemic? All of these questions and more are on the ballot today. Our health is on the ballot.

Reminder: LGBTQ Statewide Convening 2021

There's still time to register for our Network Convening

Check out the agenda for the 2021 LGBTQ Convening

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