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Newsletter Archive

Sept 2021 Newsletter

VOTE like your health depends on it!

The stakes of this election are incredibly high. The lines that have been drawn by both sides, asking us to decide what the future of California will look like. Will our state continue to welcome immigrants? Will we continue to teach about LGBTQ history in our schools? Will our students have access to comprehensive sex education? Will we listen to public health experts about how to safely navigate this pandemic? All of these questions and more are on the ballot today. Our health is on the ballot.

Reminder: LGBTQ Statewide Convening 2021

There's still time to register for our Network Convening

Check out the agenda for the 2021 LGBTQ Convening

LGBTQ Statewide Convening Email

You're invited to join our annual LGBTQ Health Network Convening

Check out our keynote speaker for the Convening, you won't want to miss this!

July 2021 Newsletter

Save the date for our Network Convening in August!

Join us in August for our second annual Network Convening August 9th - 13th!

June 2021 Newsletter

Happy Pride Month! Take the Vaccine Hesitancy Survey for LGBTQ Californians

We're partnering with the Sacramento LGBT Center and other organizations on a survey to understand what is holding LGBTQ people back from getting vaccinated, and how can we help communicate the importance of the vaccine to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

May 2021 Newsletter

We Breathe Policy Platform Survey Launch

The survey will help We Breathe identify ways to prevent and reduce tobacco use among LGBTQ+ people. The results of the #WeBreathe Policy Platform Survey will better direct statewide and local policy change efforts that will improve the lives of our communities in California.

April 2021 Newsletter

#Out4MentalHealth & We Breathe Survey

The Network launches #Out4MentalHealth & We Breathe Survey - Take them now!

March 2021 Newsletter

National LGBTQ+ Health Awareness Week Starts This Week

This year’s theme “Out for Equity” underscores the continued work we have ahead of us, and how we can be a part of advocating for equity both as professionals and consumers of health care.

January 2021 Newsletter

TGI Community Chat - Having Value as Research Participants

President Biden announced his appointment Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant health secretary – she would become the highest-ranking transgender official in the U.S. government!

October 2020 Newsletter

Election 2020

Today is the day - your last chance to vote in the 2020 election.

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