Apply Today! Help Ensure that LGBTQ Communities are Counted in the 2020 Census

September 6, 2019

Have you been hearing about the 2020 Census? Maybe you’ve seen local job postings, or heard that this is the first year the Census will be conducted online. Maybe you were following the Trump Administration’s decisions around including questions about sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizenship. Or maybe you haven’t heard anything at all (although we hope that’s not the case)!

#BePround #BeSeen #Be Counted

Whatever you’ve heard, we want to emphasize that the 2020 Census is a vitally important opportunity for LGBTQ Californians to be counted. Unfortunately, California’s diverse LGBTQ communities too often find ourselves undercounted in the Census. We want your help to reach hard-to-count LGBTQ people throughout California.

We’re releasing a request for proposals for LGBTQ-serving organizations to join us in educating and reaching out to LGBTQ Californians in every corner of the state. There are lots of ways to get the word out: whether you have a large online following, see LGBTQ people walking through your door every day, or have upcoming festivals, health fairs, or other events that bring out people in your community. Apply today to help ensure that your communities know about the upcoming Census and how we can make sure that all LGBTQ Californians are counted.

There are over 300 federal programs and $800 billion in federal funds allocated annually based on census data that are important for meting the needs of LGBTQ Californians. You can help make sure that those resources reach our LGBTQ communities. See below for the RFP, application, and important dates, including the date of our upcoming webinar to explain and answer questions about the Census RFP. If you have additional questions, you can email


September 6: Application Released

September 18: Applicant Webinar

October 6: Applications Due

October 15: Awardees Notified